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Glynis Roberts | Hypnotherapy & Reiki in Streatham and Croydon, South West London


Be listened to, acknowledged and unconditionally respected. Talking Therapies work very well for some people. They offer the opportunity to gain a wider perspective on any issue which causing anxiety or unhappiness and to unpick the reasons behind any unwanted patterns of behaviour.

I provide clients with a safe and comfortable space where they are deeply listened to, acknowledged and unconditionally respected, either in person or via Skype. I am completely on their side but at the same time, completely objective.

Talking therapies can be very effective for situations where clients feel completely overwhelmed by the situations in which they find themselves, because I, as a therapist, can help them identify patterns and causes.
I am fully trained in using a variety of modalities, depending on the needs of the client, including person-centred, psychodynamic and gestalt and I also offer teaching in mindfulness-based and meditation techniques to support their path to self-understanding and peace.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Technique is a deceptively simple yet very powerful process. EFT basically involves tapping with the fingers on 9 points on the body while saying certain words to oneself.

Whilst EFT can be enormously helpful as a self-help tool, deeper issues can require the support of a trained therapist to help uncover and release them. EFT can be effective for a whole range of emotional issues, for releasing past trauma from the energetic system, for removing our unconscious blocks to our goals, for aiding in stopping smoking and weight loss and for the relief and management of physical pain.

EFT works very effectively for children. They can easily learn to use it themselves, either on themselves or on a surrogate toy.

I offer EFT in London, SW16 or via Skype.


Hypnotherapy takes clients very gently to a state of deep relaxation, bypassing the conscious mind and accessing the subconscious, helping them to make the changes they want to make. It is particularly effective for issues such as stopping smoking.

Whilst clients may be very deeply relaxed during a hypnotherapy session, they will always be in control, because it would be absolutely impossible for me, as the therapist, to coerce them into doing something they did not want to do or was not for their ultimate and highest good.

For this reason, when I use hypnotherapy in working with a client, the work we do will always be based upon an in-depth discussion of the area in their life that they wish to work on, why it is a problem for them at this particular time and why they want to make changes.
I also teach my clients self-hypnosis, so that they can reinforce the new thoughts and patterns of behaviour that they are creating in between their sessions with me.

Hypnotherapy is very effective when it is approached with a clear goal in mind; it can help with weight loss, stopping smoking, anxiety about dentist visits, fears, for example of spiders, worries about exams etc.

Clients leave each session feeling relaxed, refreshed and optimistic that they can overcome their particular difficulty.


Reiki is a hands-on, or distant therapy which channels universal healing energy to activate a client’s own potential for healing and to enhance their emotional and physical well being. It works by releasing blocks in the client’s own energy field. This flow of energy, invisible to the naked eye and mainly yet to be acknowledged by Western medicine, has long been known in the East where it is called Ki in Japan, Chi in China and Prana in India and is understood to underlie emotional and physical issues.

When we are experiencing these blocks, we may be feeling generally out of sorts, low in physical energy and possibly depressed. This may, or may not, be associated with a physical illness or injury. Reiki healing works at a very deep level on a client’s energy field, so that their own life force can flow freely again and they can begin to self-heal.

During a Reiki session, the client remains fully clothed and usually lies down on a massage table. A full Reiki session lasts an hour and clients leave feeling deeply relaxed and refreshed.

Shamanic Work

Shamanic practises are very effective means of getting to the root of an issue and resolving it, using ritual and symbolism centred around the natural world. Leading edge neuroscience now provides a rationale for these practises which have been performed in traditional societies for hundreds of years.

There is a general belief that deep-seated issues need many sessions of psychotherapy to be healed whilst on the other hand, a more recent school of therapy aims to address issues in a shorter time frame and is solution focussed. Both of these approaches are highly respected and help many people. However, shamanic work goes straight to the deepest origin of an issue and deals with it. It does not require months of work, yet by seeking out the roots of emotional and physical pain and healing them, it enables clients to take responsibility for their own reactions and happiness.

The initial shamanic session will usually take 90 minutes. We start by having an in-depth discussion about the issues the client wishes to work on and then choose an appropriate practise with which to start. This often involves the client lying down, fully clothed, on a massage table.
Clients usually come with a fairly clear idea of the issues they would like to address, although these frequently change, or are clarified, unravelled and amplified as we do the work. The results can be life changing.

Weight Loss / Body Issues

Most people now know that diets don’t work, but we are still bombarded with information about what we should or should not be eating and images of other people’s bodies with the subtext that we should aspire to look like them.

Using a variety of therapy and healing techniques appropriate for you, we will discover the roots of your issues around food and we will resolve them. I will help you reconnect with your body’s true needs and help you to find ways to nourish yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Sessions will normally last 60 minutes and I will suggest simple techniques for you to practice between sessions.

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